CREATIVE | I create things.

What sorts of things? Professionally I am a graphic designer. I create items such as logos, flyers, brochures, and websites for individual, professional, and event brands. Overall, I am an all around crafty person that always has a DIY project in progress. The word creative has been used to describe me since I was very young. Eventually, I chose to enhance my natural ability with formal education. I have a BA in studio art and MFA in computer art. When working on designs I combine my creative spirit with learned best practices to produce professional work.

EDUCATOR | I teach others to create things.

Creativity is not just about creating beautiful things. Creativity is problem solving. A key factor in problem solving is gathering information. I have a passion for gathering and sharing information. I do so professionally as a college level instructor. My online CV provides more information on my activities as an educator.

ENTREPRENEUR | I sell what I create.

Through my company Designer Rule LLC I offer graphic design services to others. I am also developing the following projects:

  • Create With Intent: a lifestyle blog where I share my experiences as a solo entrepreneur.
  • Tone: an online fashion accessories store
  • G.O.A.L: a mastermind class and workshop series focused on developing solo entrepreneurs.

For more information about these project visit the brands section of this site.